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Fleet / Dealer Services

Often, a customers' first impression of a company is the companies work vehicle upon arrival. Nothing gives off a more professional image than a clean and clutter-free vehicle. It gives the impression the same time and care will be taken in the work. Whether your company has 3 or 300 vehicles, On The Spot Mobile Detailing has the ability to keep them sparkling year round.

Outsourcing On The Spot Mobile Detailing for detailing services can be beneficial to both car dealerships and auto service shops in the Frederick area. Adding professional detailing services to the service menu can be a very profitable profit center for all types of automotive service facilities. It is as hassle-free and convenient. For dealerships or those who purchase vehicles at the auction, On The Spot can handle both prepping new vehicles for customer delivery, and

preparing pre-owned vehicles to be placed into the auto sales market. Detailing vastly increases aesthetic beauty and potential resale value of pre-owned vehicle. Let On The Spot handle all of the work that you may not have the time, man power, or facilities to complete.

Please contact us and we will work together to create a custom maintenance plan that fits your business's needs and budget.