Jet-skis are fun summertime toys, and not always thought of the same as boats. But, they require the same care as other watercraft to keep them running properly and looking their best. They should have the exterior washed and the bilge rinsed after each use. Jet-skis also need to be cleaned of dirt, salt, and water prior to being stored each year. Make sure to take care of your Jet-ski on a regular basis to ensure years of future enjoyment.

“Showroom Shine” Full Detail
Hand Wash & Dry
(Starting at $75*)
(Starting at $25*)

Thorough Hand Washing
Complete washing of all exterior surfaces, including trailer (if app)

Motor Degreased
Engine cleaned and degreased to improve performance

Chamois Dried
Hand dried with synthetic chamois to eliminate streaks and water spots

Vinyl Cleaned / Conditioned
Vinyl seat cleaned to remove grime and mildew, then conditioned to prevent cracking

Storage Compartments Cleaned
Trash, debris, and mildew removed from all areas

Console Wiped Down & Dusted
Gauges, dials, and switches free of built up salt and debris

Polishing of Fiberglass
Removes oxidation and restores shine to gel-coat

Carnauba Wax Applied
To protect brilliant finish of hull (Protects 3-4 months)

*Price of watercraft may vary based on model and size